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Five *Easy* Ways to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Whether you’re a seasoned planner or just throwing something together for a friend - everyone could use a little inspiration now and then. The tricky thing with events is that everyone has been to one. Comparison is inevitable - so why not make an impression? Here’s our take, tricks that we have offered to guests and work just about every time, five ways to make your event stand out:


Everyone knows the standard set for events. 6ft tables, 8 person rounds - logistically speaking, this setup functions the best. But we’re all about taking it to the next level. Up your event by adding a seating area! From comfy chairs to a nice settee, impress your guests by giving them an alternative. Plus, visually it breaks up the patter of rounds and serving tables. Place a seating set next to the dance floor for onlookers or for folks who need a break from busting a move. Or place it in the entry way for your next corporate meeting, give your attendees a spot to check emails or respond to phone calls away from the crowd. Either way, you are sure to spice up your next gathering with this change of pace!


We all love a grand entrance. Why not give your guests that same experience? An entryway can set the tone for the event. Use the space outside the doorway to advertise merchandise or tell your story. Not feeling the prom-style balloon arch for your event? Keep it simple with a high-top table and a cute welcome sign. Start the party when people arrive! 


Obviously this tip depends on your food items - but if you happen to have appetizers at your event, pick a few to be passed around. Without spending too much more money, your event is instantly elevated to the next level of classy giving your guests personalized service.   


Anytime you have a bar - cash or open - signature cocktails always step-up your beverage game. This works for any event. Have a holiday party? Name a cocktail after your company or CEO. Having a wedding? choose a his n' hers cocktail selection for your guests to enjoy. Throwing a fundraiser? Pick a themed cocktail that goes along with the theme of the event - catchy names are always a must. 


Snacks are seriously undervalued. Science has proven that periodic breaks during a long work day increase productivity. Plus your brain needs food to keep the creativity/ingenuity/productivity flowing! Throwing in 15 minutes for some chips and guac, or a popcorn bar will not only delight your guests, but keep the meeting going strong until the evening. 

From furniture to signature cocktails - it doesn't take much to take take your event from standard to exceeding expectations. We love making these small but effective upgrades for our guests, making sure everyone who enters our venue leaves with a new experience and a delightful memory. 

Let us help you take your event to the next level! Contact us here


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