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at the Downtown Athletic Club

We Exist to Help People Feel Good from the Inside Out

For over 35 years the Downtown Athletic Club has been dedicated to taking care of our Members, Guests, and Staff with a focus on quality, exemplary service, and trust. Today, these values are more critical than ever.

As we welcome you to our Club, we are committed to providing you a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols working to defeat COVID-19. With consultation from our experts in public health, we have redefined our cleaning and safety standards. The buttons above provide an overview of the key components of our Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety.

While times have changed, we like to say that “our DAC Family remains the same. It really can't be said enough - your health and the health of our Staff here at the DAC are our number one priority. Every decision we make is aligned with that priority in mind. We are committed to being here for you and providing you with everything you need to “feel good from the inside out.”


Sanitation plan

We are cleaning around the clock, sanitizing all high touch surfaces with recommended cleaning agents.


round-the-clock team

Our team is working in constant rotation to ensure all Members and Guest are safe and following all safety and sanitation guidelines.


Surface treatment

All high touch surfaces are treated with a long-lasting antimicrobial shield which is effective in killing 70+ strains of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and algae.


sanitation stations

Stations are conveniently located, easy to use, and readily available to all venue Guests. Each station contains disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.


elbow room

Our Club expands to over 100,000 square feet of spacious, historic facilities. That means Members and Guests have plenty of space to be comfortable and stretch out without worry.


social distancing

Markers and directional signage on the floors and walls to remind us to exercise safe social distancing practices.


AMENITY spacing

All chairs and event furniture is rearranged to allow for social distancing, and then some.



Our air filtration system is state-of-the-art, and our massive floor plans allow for fresh, newly circulated air.


face coverings

Face coverings are required at all times within the Club except while actively eating, or for children under 5. We provide face shields and masks for your convenience.

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